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We like

Since bygone eras, we (people) always enjoy the communal organized, acoustic and visual design of temporarily collocated places and spaces.

We combined

Today's electronic dance music (EDM), combined with the proven knowledge from over 25 years of house and techno music, provides an enriching opportunity, to let completely different people and characters together in different design areas to be deterred a ritual.

We need

The ritual of purification through joy and dance! Sometimes combined with fertility rituals from the first beginnings of the humanities!

We share

 Which we, in our particular form of event design can share with many others, like-minded people!

Who we are

We are a collective of producers, musicians, DJ's, singers, live acts, VJs, IT nerds, ravers, designers, operators and esoteric people.

How we celebrate

Who celebrate the beauty of life with many friends!

Unsere Klangkünstler & Bass-Artisten:

J.P. eXbert | Klangschlacht | Punyo | Richard Steinschlag | Sunshine696 | WANUEL


Events and Galeries


2024-07-14 (Sunday)

14:00 - 22:00

Wie bespielen, tanzen und chillen wieder im Porto Pollo!

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PsyBeach DIF2024 Summerstation

2024-06-21 (Friday)

2024-06-21 14:00 - 2024-06-23 02:00

Summerstation presents PsyBeach #DIF2024

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Freaky Friday @ Bunker Club

2024-06-14 (Friday)

2024-06-14 23:00 - 2024-06-15 06:00

Mind Entertainment Records presents another FREAKY FRIDAY @ Bunke Club, Graz

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Richard Steinschlag Live @ Weberknecht, Gürtel Connection 2023 1

DJ Crux aka Klangschlacht

Richard Steinschlag MER028 Realize