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MER017: Altwiener Futoper

The first co-production with Klangschlacht, our new Member in the Artist Pool of Mind Entertainment.

3 Versions of a funny poem from Ernst Jandl. Check out what the heck is a Futoper. Have fun and a nice dance to this driving tracks.

Feel free to contact us for production projects, remixes, releases and bookings.


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MER016: 1989

1989 was a good year for me digging into the raising underground house music and the disco scene. That is my 2019 expression about the energy on the dancefloor for me in this times. In a actual, self composed, melodic techhouse version. I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to contact me for production projects, remixes, releases and bookings.


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MER015: La Bomba

Richard Steinschlag - La Bomba

Eine treibende und verspielte Techno Nummer in Überlänge. Viel Spass beim Reinhören! La Bomba ist wenn der Tanzfloor vor lauter Schreien und Jubeln kracht.


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MER014: Leiwand

Richard Steinschlag - Leiwand

Zur Bedeutung des Wortes einfach entweder googlen oder sich den Song anhören. Ein mehrdeutig einsetzbares Wort, gefühlsmässig in einem massiven Techno-Track ausgedrückkt.

Viel Spass beim Reinhören! Sei leiwand und alles ist leiwand!


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MER013 Nuts

Richard Steinschlag - Nuts

A deep fat techhouse bomb track! Enjoy this tune and get nuts!


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MER012: Escalate the System

Richard Steinschlag - Escalate the system

Die erste EP Auskopplung vom Album "Steinschlager" mit 1 Megablast-Remix und 2 Ca.tter Remixe. Und einer Clubtauglicheren Überarbeitung von Richard Steinschlag.



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MER011: Steinschlager

Richard Steinschlag - 23 electronic technoid Zeitgeist dreams!

01 Groovy Hotness 6:43

02 Bring It On 9:31

03 Some Space In My Bed 7:33

04 Tiefgang 5:08

05 Wane Focus 7:30

06 Progressive Activation 5:14

07 Lucid Insanity feat. Danii 6:28

08 Stampfen 6:53

09 Perpetuum Energy 8:26

10. Eustress 6:49

11 Slight Throb 7:17

12 Steinschlager 9:01

13 Drop The Past 5:53

14 The Takeover 7:00

15 Find My Way feat. Estelle 5:20

16 Wirklichkeit 2018 6:42

17 New Oldschool 7:40

18 Summoning An Earworm 8:17

19 Ego Patient 8:32

20 Summer Mind 7:39

21 Escalate The System 7:24

22 Welcome To The End 6:50

23 Change The World 4:50

Some Singles, EPs and more coming in the next month. Remixers are welcome! And Richard is open for new and other projects now. Inclusive more Bookings from Deep to Techhouse to Techno in many kinds and subgenres depends on playtime and your event concept.  

Back Cover of CD Album Steinschlager


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MER010: Unendlichkeits-LP DSL Edition

Das 1. Album unter dem Label "Mind Entertainment" vom Richard Steinschlag

Cover Backside and the story:

--> Blog Artikel Mindloveproject.net


Release (iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, and many more): 01.10.2013.


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MER009: Wäu i di gspia

01 Pablo J - Wäu i di gspia (Radio Version)
02 Pablo J - Wäu i di gspia (Instrumental Version)


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MER008: Liveact Winterparkclub

Reihenfolge der verwendeten Tracks: Awakening, Summer 2013, Elevator Earth, Bring it down to Earth, Meeting Paradroidia, Like the dark, Life theme, Seven Days, Yet another Trip, Ritus, Awareness of consciousness, Playful Desire, Paradroid, The Coming, Veränderung, WIR:klichkeit, The god of the speakers, Lasterhaft, Hammer, Second Way


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